Friday, December 31, 2010

goodbye 2010, welcome 2011

First of all, its sad to say goodbye to 2010..
so many things happen this year..
yeah good time, bad time..
there's a time when its
happy, sad,cry, ups and downs
a day full with smile and laugh
another day with cry and sadness
a day with dull and confuse
life with love surrounding us
and another day with all the loved ones
is missing and some of them
is gone from our life...
yeah thats we call a life..
life with obstacles
for us to be a better person
to become stronger
and gain experience...
sometimes we must believe that
god gives us an obstacles for a reason
for us to be closer
and put trust on ALLAH...
yeah after all these things happened
i believe that everything happen for the reason...
we don't have a right to go against a destiny
so i just follow what god has written for me..
just keep holding on..
yeah for this 2011...
of cos,, with new resolution
to become a better person
to a better future
to make my family and myself
proud and happy...

my 2011 wishes

to gain a good result and improve my cgpa

♥ live happily with my family

♥ my mom will get getting better and better..insyaallah

♥ graduate successfully with flying colours and vogue convocation

♥ be a better person

♥meet a key of my heart

♥ get a better job

♥driving license and perhaps a new pinkish suzuki alto

♥ last but not least, to lose weight..hehehhe

jamu mak dara ok...

♥allright, any addition will update later

May all ur wishes come true...

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