Friday, December 3, 2010

last sem begin

shah alam was a crowded city i guess..
but i started to love it...
trying to live happily here..huhu
yeah with my friends surrounding
i'm happy
even sumtime i feel empty...
dun know what i think..
but i try to make my life busy
to encounter with uncertain feeling..
and guess what
living in shah alam really make me gain weight
its not becoz too many fast food here
x heran pon even pizza hut n kfc dkt jek
but home food really make me fat..
huhu..masak cam duk umah sendiri kan

my room
kat dressing table..huhu

makan x hengat dunia

siput sedut weh..giler kan

masak sendiri is better dr makn kat luar..

but the end of semster takot owg x knal lagi dh..

gemok n gemok n gemok

p/s: thinking to lose sum weight..but bile nak achieve target pon xtau lahhhh

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