Friday, December 17, 2010

1st d.a.t.e

hehe..not really a real date...
just for the first time spent our sweet time together..
watch movies..watching people ice skating..
talking and laughing...
thanx for the moments..
I see ur love and i feel it...
i appreciate it..

late at night.. when we want to go home
suddenly his car can't started
low batt and i'm nervous..
huhu but then every thing settled smoothly
i saw his patient..
btw, thanx awk for ur time
for ur effort to come here and meet me
and makes me happy..
thanx again


Nadia Rahmat said...

mana gambar dia dib!?

Adiba zehan said...

hehe..tunggu i declare dulu k..ak x bg jwapan pe2 lg...

itisrajah said...

yes sure will wait for his pic!
woo da pandai bercintun kau neh.
hep hep!

Adiba zehan said...

ishh..segan loh..
mne de bercintun..
die dtg sendiri
tanpa paksaan..