Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas tree

emm i had fun yesterday
went to pavilion to watch movie
n taking sum pictures
with the Christmas tree
yeah, since i was small
i'm always waiting for Christmas
to see Christmas tree
i love the colors...

outside the pavilion

fullest of Christmas tree

this movie was awesome..hahha best2
but tgk 3d pon..x byk effect sgt pon
but sbb owg blanje kan
so thanx u so much

yess this is the movie yg i never miss
to watch during Christmas season...huhu
home alone..
dr kecik smp la beso ni...

p/s: bukan la mengagung2 kan perayaan org len
tp just nk share ape yg slalu wat time2
christmas season ni..hehhe

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