Tuesday, November 2, 2010

move on

hello peeps..
semester break was good..
i was busy taking my driving license..huhu
skrg bru sibuk nak amek
yelah..after this next semester busy with industrial training and insyaallah will step up to working environment...sng la cket kalo de transport sendiri and that's why kene amek license skrg...huhu

talking bout my last exam..moderate research was really killing me and yg lain pon bley tahan gak soklan die..just do my best and really hope for the best result....and that was last sem study kat unisel bestary jaya..yeah honestly i will miss every moment there..even though i used to hate that place tp kat ctu tersemat segala kenangan manis n pahit..experience to be a better person..huhu really n i gonna miss that..see u again during convocation..insyaallah kalo panjang umur murah rezeki..i'll be there...

last day exam

this picture was taken after the last paper 'compensation'

and after that ..merdeka..pergi meronggeng with my friends kat sunway...
karoeke, makan2, n release tension..hehe

karaoke di kotak merah


flaming steamboat

with my kak ros

shopping....sempat algi tuu

and to unisel shah alam, really hope will be a better place for me to get a new life there...4 month jek spent time kat ctu..hope dipermudahkan segala urusan ku nanti..insyaallah...

my rent house kat sne..huhu


Nadia Rahmat said...

good luck on your driving test soon.

Adiba zehan said...

hehe thanx nad..