Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Wasted With Tears

gagal yeah i such a failure..
fail to stop the tears
fail to make myself happy
fail to erase all the pain
fail to let myself stop thinking bout him
no matter how hard i try..
yeah i'm hurt
instead nobody knows i still drop into tears every time i wake up and close my eyes..
i dun ask for anything..
i just hope i can get over it...
and i wish to be a stronger person

p/s: smlm i watched ponti anak remaja yg shooting kat unisel bj tu..
n i remember one of the pontianak tu ckp yg die ade kuase untuk luputkan ingatan pada seseorg...kan best kalo diri kite de butang delete untuk erase some of the memories...ermm it just a fiction...

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