Tuesday, December 27, 2011

singapore Xmas Sale...

26th December 2011
location: Orchard Road

actually, two weeks before my cousin and I
have planned to go singapore for XMAS sale
and plus every year almost every xmas mst nk
g sne just to see the decoration of XMAS...
this year punye decoration so-so sbb the flower is blue..
so cm kureng cket but the Xmas tree was awesome...

Before kite start our marathon
then we go for lunch..opss branch la kot
pdahal bfore gi sbnrnye
dh melantak nasi ambeng satu pinggan..haha
first we decide for fish & co
but nampaknye semue reserved duit for shopping
then we go for burger king
my kazen bwk teman istimewanye skali
slalu juz dgr name die, but now bru tgk orgnye
so hye afik, welcome to our family....
hehehe mesti die kate byk tol budak ni ckp
dr pegi smp blek..non stop ak ckp
nk wat cm runs in the family

rodeo beef burger..cute tol burger ni

then we go separate ways, time to shop till drop
tp smlm x drop sgt
sbb all worth buying and satisfied...
cume i bought another two shoes..
ok four shoes for this month...
sbb rse rugi kalo x grab kn...

the sneakers only for $ 11 and
cheapest wedges ever $5 from cotton on

then jalan and jalan lg
pusing stu mall
keluar msuk kdai
rempuh rmi sgt org...
then we decided to go to h&m
all along the way pnoh dgn org
but smlm rate2 jumpe
indonesian kelas pertama nye la

then , otw to H&m
all along da jual ice cream
pe lg la kn..serbu la eskem wafer $1 ni

the flavor

muke hepy dpt eskem eh...

sambil2 tu, stop at every xmas tree
just to take pic
bile lg kn...
1st Xmas Tree
The biggest Xmas tree
hari gajah sedunia..
actually ni mcm ade contest
where they decorate the elephants..
creative and unique

then smp kat H&M
two hours sgkut dlm tu
too many choices with really great sale
but i just grab 1 super skinny jeans
and nk try gi fitting room
kene queue pnjg gile
mcm dpt jeans tu percume
tp xkn nak bukak seluar dpn org n try
so nak xnk kene gak bratur
sbb dh lme nk bli faded jeans tu

akhirnye jejak kasih blek
sbb td me and kak yul dh lupe diri
die dh kemana2
ak lagi la dh ilang kemane2 kn..

tp sempat lagi amek pic lg

ermm then at 6.30 pm
jumpe blek ngn zqa n afiq
then heading to woodlands la
nk singgah umah aunty

so dtg punye dtg
ingat xde org
skali langkah kanan..
rupenye 27 dec ilham nye bday
so they were having a party
dtg2 tros mkn
x malu tol...sbnrnye mmg ngah lapo
sbb jalan2 dh bakor kalori
yang mkn td...

bday boy ngah busy tgk cartoon
happy 6th birthday ilham
ermm kalo tahu
bley sgah bli toy ...
xteringat lakk
xpe2 next year dh start primary 1
so welcome to school boy....

then dh mkn2 pnt
mate dh ngntuk
kaki dh lenguh
blek la jb.. sbb dorg sme keje besok
ak jek shutdown
ley la bgun lmbt..
amek ko kol 10 br bgn.. heavennnn
ok sgt least cuti2
de la spent time ngn family
before start with the new task esok...

so back to work peeps...

p/s: dh mmg habit every xmas suke tgk xmas tree
bukn sbb x sdr diri nk agung2 kan xmas.
peace yoooo

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