Saturday, December 10, 2011

f.i.r.s.t t.i.m.e interview

Last thursday
I had an interview for position
customer acquisition officer
ape bende alah tu kn??

so i just give myself a try
amek time off then went to cs
for that interview..
almost 3 hours stuck there

1st session
is registration..
have to fill up the form and submit the resume

then we had a review of the company
from the GM..
bla bla bla
talking of the history of the company and
what SALES is all bout???
ok now i know i apply for the
sales person..

then we had some presentation
and i have to present
how to sell the product..
ok all along
i've been thinking
what the hell i'm doing here ok..

after that
we had a one to one interview
the rules and regulation of the company
is ridiculous.. i guess
but then i realise
i'm not a sales person
and i will stay to HR

jgn gatal2 tangan duk apply keje ni keje tu
kalo if u not even dare to work as that..

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