Saturday, December 31, 2011

goodbye 2011 hello 2012

December 2010

Last semester in Shah Alam..Faculty Of Business had transfer to Unisel Shah Alam..

New house, new environment, new life.

Yes, so many obstacles and circumstances to be encountered

in order to pass with flying colours

housemate, team mate, gossip-mate..

Final semester with final year project. Hardwork, teamwork, dan mcm2 work lagi in order to complete the best final year proect we can do..Thanks to friend and great supervisor Puan Suria for your guidance and supervision

23rd January 2011

no words can describe how we felt
to let go for sum one that we love the most
tiada apa yg dpt mengembalikan apa yg telah pergi
pergi yang takkan kembali lagi
kita yg masih di dunia
hanya mampu berdoa dan redha dengan ketentuanNya
mmg berat untuk diterima
hingga skrg sy merasakan semue yg berlaku seperti mimpi
mak hilang dalam sekelip mata
seperti bru sekejap jek sy menatap wajahnya
menyuapkannye ubat, menghidangkan makanan dan membersihkan dirinya
tetapi itu semua tinggal kenangan
walaupun kdg2 sy bermimpi yg mak pulang menemui kami
tapi itu hanya mimpi yg x mungkin bertukar menjadi realiti

March 2011

Bestari jaya

restoran sekinchan
Dataran Merdeka

Spent time with all the classmates before masing2 wat haluan sendiri
It's finally our time to say goodbye
My fellow classmates I wish you luck
Carry on your pride and never give up
We've made it this far together
Now it's time to part
we can do it... begin our own start

April 2011- 31st July 2011

Internship programme in Celestica

welcome to working environment
and its totally different with student life
but I really enjoy it..thanx people

thanx to my supervisor kak lat
for help me to get 4.0
in my last semester..
appreciate it damn much

August 2011-present

alhamdullillah, until now
I am still working in Celestica..
as Human resource Associate

15 thOctober 2011

Convocatione moments

i wish my mom was there



activities of the day:
picnic, truth or dare, tutti frutti and karoe-ke
venue: istana garden, tutti frutti kebun teh
diva karoeke giant tmn suria


2012 resolution

♥Driving class- license

♥ start saving and start to buy my first car

♥get a permanent job

♥Keep on learning and be a better person

♥get rid of excess weight.. Target 50kg

♥ time to find Mr Right..weeeeee

Heal the past, embrace the present & look forward to the future

goodbye 2011 hello 2012

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