Saturday, December 3, 2011

johor premium outlet & ombak rindu review

hye everyone...
superb saturday...
hang out with my kazen
first pagi2 dh serbu
hot place in jb right now
johor premium outlet
dkt kulai..yeah gile jauh nk gi shopping
kene redah hway cam nk gi kl
untuk gi shopping dsne..

tp okla.such a huge place to shop
till u drop..
serius some boutique is best some boutique is not affordable to buy
kene ade sugar daddy kot
kalo nk best shopping kat ctu..hahahha just joking
and bile ade kat ctu..mcm x sngke de kt johor...
is like u going for shopping in oversea..
rase cam kat dubai kat ctu...hahahha

overall ..rse sungguh bangga sbnrnye bile
johor develop that place
untuk build up a shopping outlet cm tu...
so kene gi lagi bile dh gaji ni..hehehhe

then after shopping kat ctu.
we went to cs
to watch ombak rindu...
4/5 stars for OR
lakonan yg mantap dr aaron, maya n lisa
lagu tema yg best n syahdu..
jalan crite yg ok even dlm novel lg sedih.
cme ade certain part dlm novel tu mcm klaka
part lisa sorong tarik cincin,
part maya kuar malam2 kene halau ngn kain batik
then certain ayat sarcastic aaron untuk maya...
but overall..i love the movie..
aaron sgt best dlm cte tu..
i fall in love with harris....hahhahah
even die jahat at first...
so i suggest to all of u..
for those yg x tgk lgi...sila serbu wayang berdekatan
and watch ombak rindu
sgt worth it ok...

moral of the story of ombak rindu..
just letting go of the people u love when u know they love someone else..
and let them happy...

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