Friday, October 7, 2011

till i close my eyes

almost one and the half year
but i'm still here
yes i'm such a loser
until now i'm hurt and broken..

yeah i thought i was strong
i think i had enuff of it..
i always pray for ur happiness
i'm happy with my life right now
but suddenly i'm back with that moment
sad and miserable
why i am such a loser
why cant i erase all the moments
and why i've been so stupid to not let u go
and get rid of you
why i still come back to you
when u not even need me
and the tears not worth it for you

i'm happy when i see ur happiness
u had found ur true love
but then i've been thinking
why am i still here
thinking of u..

i have think the best way..
not seeing u for longest time is better
than to see u ..
i do not blame anyone
but blame to myself for being too weak
with myself...
really hope that i will not see u again
till i close my eyes...

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