Thursday, October 13, 2011

for better future

today will be my last day in
B2 celestica...

yup sgt sedih..for almost
5 months and the half
spent time working here
gained experience
get to know of the various kind of people
dapat kawan2 baru
new life
akhirnye i had to transfer to B1
yeah for my own good actually
time to make difference
and gain new experience
hope everything will going smoothly

and those picture was taken

during my internship and working there..
till time meet us again

hr office..
tmpt kerje , tmpt lepak.. tmpt chit chat...ahhah

great colleague i ever had

wonderful supervisor

love to working here..yess honestly

with kak aina

with kak lat

with as

gonna miss them...

ahha cte mcm x jumpe dowg lagi jek
padahal transfer B1 to xde la jauh sgt pon
but really..
culture kat sne mungkin x sme ngn culture kat cni kn
good luck miss adiba

u r now in real working life
not as intern student anymore..
so be serious and committed with
ur work

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