Saturday, October 22, 2011

♥ c.o.n.v.o.c.a.z.i.o.n.e ♥


a week has passed and the convocation session is over.
and it looks like i will not step my feet there anymore after this..
now we are officially graduated
first batch graduate in bachelor of human resource management
of UNISEL ..and i'm so proud of it....

I would like to dedicate my scroll to arwah mak
because it was her dream and because of her
i pursue my degree in human resource...
thanx a lot to her and all along when she was alive
she was the one who always providing me with her guidance and
support whenever i feel down and out
the one who share her knowledge and information
all about the course.
i'm sure she will proud of me if she
get to see me receiving this scroll
and insyaallah i will further master
but now focus with the job first and gain experience

and of course i will not be succeed till today
without a support from my abah and families..
no words can describe how much i owe them
in my life.hanya tuhan yang tahu
how much i love them
thanx a lot for everything
u will always be there to take care of me
and protecting me
but now its my turn to take care of u
muah muah muah....

family and friends

last but not least
muchas gracias
to all people that i know in unisel
classmates, course mates, lecturers, roommates
and to everyone...
because of u all
i'll be strong and continue my journey
until the end of the story...
maybe it will be the last moment
i met u there so
take care and good luck in your future
thank u and sorry for everything

with nisa menaip...cumil sgt die


with abah n abg

Maraming salamat sa inyo
to juhaida and najihah
for coming all along from KL to BTG Berjuntai
to give me a support
and thanx for the cute pink hippo
flowers and chocolate
terharu sangat...
when i step out from the main hall
then i saw both of u
calling my name
then i realize
there are other friends of mine
who still love and appreciate me in their life
so thanx again
hug and kisses

and this is the costume of the day..
susah gak bile nak pakai ni
kene duduk elok2 jalan elok2
kalo tak abis smenye terbelah sne sni
but yet satisfied
i feel confident and really
make my day...
it was my big day to get the scroll
but i hope it will not be the last scroll
i will get
insyaallah kalo de rezeki
maybe i would like to further master before i get married..


latest plan or dreams for my self

♥ to get my car license ..yeah i know before its too late
♥ to perform in my work and be confirm with the org..
♥ to buy a car..yeah first car for myself
♥ going for holiday with my ♥ at Karabi Island Insyaallah
♥ mengerjakan umrah - maybe next year..
♥ further master in MBA, klo bley nk kat oversea..heh
merantau di negeri org...
♥ last but not least to be happy in life,
turn over the new leaf, delete all the memories
forgetting the past and look for the better future

insyaallah...doakan la kejayaan ku

p/s : full album kat fb eh

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