Monday, June 21, 2010


i am tired mentally and physically

i wish that i could turn back time to, so that i would not make a mistakes... sorry i'm not perfect, not good enough for u,,not a ordinary gurl that u have known before.. but i am just an ordinary gurl who love u damn words can describe how much i love u... i dun know what else i can do to attract u anymore.. our relationship is getting dull..and i realised it we are not like before..

i'm not hoping for anything right now..let bygone be bygone.. i just want to thank u for always be with me in everything i do, u r the one who i can tallk almost everything with u, u always be a good listener...u cared like my dad, protect like my bro and loved me as the lover...u r never be replaced..even though i'm da stuborn person i know u always be patient on me..even though now u getting bored and fed up to me.. but u r always there for me... i miss u dear..always count the days to meet u..crying everyday because being guilty for not being a good enuff for u..i want u to make me listen for u, even though i'm protest it but deep inside i will listen to just that a reaction towards it..

from now on, i just leave it to u.. i just do da best..i will not do anything..sumtimes..silent will be da best way for evrything..i will be a new person ... maybe more quiet and follow everything that have been stated for the life into the fullest..

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