Sunday, June 6, 2010

heart ache

i don't know what happen to my self lately..i feel there is sumthing wrong sumwhere..i dun know..i dont really feel good lately..headache, migraine, stomach ache, and it was more pain when there is heart ache..i dun want any attention from u..but it seems that u dont really care about me any more..betul kate mak , lelaki bile nk pikat caring bgai nk rak, anta pegi klinik sme tp lepas dh dapat habuk..dimarah nye lagi ade...huhu
sumtimes when gurl tell u that they are sick...they du not want anything actually..just show to them that u care like u love them..not to be scolded..they do not act that they are sick, just to get an attention..but they do really sick...they do not tell anyone because they think they have their bf to tell so to comfort them..but oppositely her bf was the one who make the heart ache and feel uncomfortable..huhu
i dun know, from now onwards..i will not telling u if i am sick..let me fell all the pain alone by myself..thank u

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