Thursday, June 17, 2010

s.w.e.e.t 21

my dream:
1. hope that u will be de first person who call me and wish me..
2.hope to talk to u through the phone all along the night enjoy the free credit
3. perhaps u will send me a birthday card.
i dun hope for any grand..jus a simple but sweet

but we do not always get what we want and things turn to this
1. u become de 27th person who wish my bday
2. i waiting for u all the night but after u call me then suddenly u sleep early. then 4.25 am u call me after i'm tired of waiting and moody... birthday card at all but had a big arguement

this is my first time to celebrate my 21st bday,,,but that's all..huhuu
so moral of the sorry

do not overly excited about something as it will end up with frustration

like this!!!

but then my parents and I went to pizza hut to had some pizza and thanx to my bro coz sponsoring me a slice of cake..really appreciate least sumthing to chill me up...

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