Thursday, October 29, 2009


Have you ever had one of those days that you just felt like crying, everything seems to get to you for no reason. Today must be my day I woke up feeling fine but out of no where I just felt like breaking down crying, I feel sad today. The clouds have been hanging around for almost a week now, every once in while the sun will try to shine through but it never seem to stay long. I think maybe my mind is trying to tell me something, that maybe I just need a good cleansing of the soul, let me cry for all the reasons that I cant explain,
I hate myself for being too weak and can’t stop crying for the same matters for the rest of my life. I dun know why I’ve been too sensitive today…just becoz one person who said to me that I’m such a boring person, “ x pandai mengayat , X lemah lembut and x manje sbb tu owang xnak”.. is that a criteria yang laki nak..sory ah I’m just being myself k..i’m not that kind of gurl yg hidung x mancung pipi tersorong2 or tergedik2 nampak jantan mcam kera kene belacan… n ia lebih menyakitkan ati bile orang yang ckp tu owang yg rapat ngn kite.. tah lah kan mulot orang kite x bley nak tutop… I just want to forget it..aduyaii nape lah bende ni x penah settle..i just want to get rid of the stupid feelings…I keep talking to myself that I am a strong person and I’m happy with my life but sometime I have to admit I just be lying to myself… n tonight i was drown into tears n I can’t stop it..huhu I dun know why I’ve been too weak …ayoyoyoyo

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