Friday, October 23, 2009


I almost happy nowadays…I mean I am happy with my life right now..Even though I’m quite busy with tons of assignments, test and so on but at least I dun have time to feel lonely or miserable or something like that… yeah I know n I realise most of my friends or people around me always ask me about the same question “dib, dah ade bf lom?? “ xkan xde kot dh besar ko skrg” yeah I know maybe some of the people thought me that maybe I am abnormal because in da age of 20 I still dun find any special sum1 in my life…
Actually I am sick to think bout it.. why I say it so..Because I have try and error so many times until I fed up n thinking of just letting go.. I know sum times I think that should I anti guys or sumthing but I know I can’t judge all guys like that so I just let it be..n leave it to ALLAH S.w.t.. because I believe in destiny.. jodoh pertemuan kat tangan tuhan…
Sometimes, I can’t deny the feelings when I sat all alone n thinking when is everything gonna to change but I dun get an answer so I dun want to waste my time to think bout it so I just let it go..n now I know the way to make me feel better I just think positive n I never regret with my destiny.. being alone is better than to be hurt… because I still have my supportive abah n mak, abang2 , kazen yang always take care of me n friends yang always make my life feel I dun have to having sum1 right now..biarkan jek lah die berlalu..yang penting I have to work hard to achieve my dreams… make my family proud of me n berbakti to my dad n my mom before to think for sumthing that not worth it ..huhu

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