Saturday, October 17, 2009

car washhh

wahh dh lme x update blog..I've been busy lately with my assignment, classes and my next event ..huhu our group event for subject sociology of work is to organize car wash for fun that will be held on 27 october 2009 at parking lot to all unisellian yang ade kereta and motor..sile lah anta cuci di sane...only rm3 for motorcycle and rm5 for car..hehehehhe...promote2..hehhehe

emm i'm home..but my abah was not at home so i just stay with my bro n mom..huhu emm abah mintak balek ari isnin but i ahve class on that day so i'm in dilemma to going back on sunday or monday..huhu but i think i have to do some medical check up...i was in flu almost a week...n some time it was hard to breathing..i am really afraid if i had an asthma or something related to breathing problem...i just hope everything will be fine..huhu

emmm it just almost one more month to final exam but it seems that i dun prepare any yet and a ton of assignments that i never touch..huhu ayoyo so now it seems that too many works too little time..huhu so dib be prepared..huhu

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