Saturday, July 3, 2010

new semester

semester 6 just begin..but i never entered any class..huhu because most of it was cancel and i went back to sepang n jb on wednesday so that i skipped my class for two days..hehehe....

and last weekend busy with my first time experience working with jana niaga..working as a receptionist who checked the hostel for the student..even though the job look easy but it was quite tiring..hehhehe..tired to handle certain people..heheh and i gained so much experience to work with entertain with people behavior..huhu and learn to be more patient

first day arrive in unisel

with all part time worker during the briefing

first day working

2nd day working with jana

at with my kzen

with my nephew aiman niaz...

so my study life will begin next more play and time to study yeah. be serious..

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