Tuesday, July 27, 2010


do u ever feel in depression???

and i think now i'm depressed...some of my friends had noticed it..i dunno, i think i just the same..maybe right now, i'm just a bit slower, quite than before..i dunno...sumtimes i feel that i am strong to handle all these but at some how i dunno whre is the real myself..where has she goes?? i didn't found her..

i can't sleep tightly lately..almost evry hour i had been wake up and i dunno whether i am sleeping or awake..oh my god...i hate this feeling..i dunno what to express the feeling and nobody cares...
sumtimes its better to be alone to handle all these because every time i try to express my feeling to my friend they always taking for granted because they dunno what i it s better for not telling them because they just make it worse... sorry to say that..
last time, i had a friend who always comfort me whenever i feel down and out but now he had gone to no where..every time i try to tell my feelings , he said that i am weird and telling me not only me who had a problem in this world..its not about that but some times i need a friend who can comfort me when ever i feel down or out , someone who can motivate to be stronger not to let myself down and down...

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