Sunday, April 4, 2010


You took the apple from the tree
And gave the fruits of love to me
But love is blind I couldn't see

The day has come the years will go by
Things have changed have opened my eyes
And I tried to hide the feeling inside
And I can't hide my feelin' inside
But you know and you know and you know

I never expected to feel this way
I never suspected I’d want to say
The things to you
That I want to

I never thought that a love could grow
From something that started out so slow
But I know how I feel
And I know that it’s for real

I've got your love in my veins
It's gonna ease the pain
In my heart, in my heart

You make me want to change my life
You make me want to turn around
And call it lost, at any cost
And call you found

You make me want to love you more
Then anything I’ve done before
I only want to hold you tight
Each and every night

You make me want to change my life
I thought that my life was set
But you showed me that it wasn’t yet
Now I’m up in the air
But I don’t really care

The fever of love is like a hundred above
You are the one that turns me on
You are my adrenalin
You are the guardian of my soul

thanx for entering my life
and make me happy
love u very much

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