Monday, April 19, 2010

life time experience

almost one week i spent my time in hospital, accompany my mom in hospital pakar putri was one time life experience...because nobody in my family has admitted to hospital.
but last tuesday i got a called from my dad said that my mom was admitted to hospital.. n it really surprising and frighten me..really i burst into tears and lost my focus... i just got back and packing to go back to jb on the spot.

1030 pm my bro n i arriving at hospital and we got to know that my mom was in HDU
high dependency unit.. and my mom's condition was really bad at that time... she was depending to the oxygen..n plus nobody was allowed to stay in hdu to accompany..

the next day, wed i get to see my mom. n it was better than yesterday, she had to have water retention to let go the excessive of water in her body.. at the afternoon, doc said to transfer my mom to icu.. INtensive care unit.. and only one person is allowed to visit for each many relatives come to visit my mom...and my mom did not stop talk and keep talking even though the doc ask my mom to less talking...huhu then late at night i overnight in the hospital to accompany my mom..huhu.. so many things happen in the hosp during that night..hahha n really give me an experience to it..

the next day, doc said that my mom can transfer to normal ward, so it was a good news for us ...huhu n my mom was better..doc just want to release all the water excessive inside the body

then after two days my mom had to do her second x ray n the doc found that there is the blockage inside her heart then he suggested my mom to do angioplasty to identify which blood vessel that had a blockage.
then after discussing with my dad, then doc had make an appointment to make the angioplasty tomorrow exactly on my mom's birthday 20th april 2010.

huhu really hope everthing will be better..i just want my mom will get back to normal and stay healty ...really hope that my mom will get better soon...huhu love u mak

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