Saturday, April 9, 2011

hope for the best

yesterday was tiring but exciting
wake up early at 6.00 am
nk g tmn my friend dayah to make passport
kat kukup pontian
and guess what cepat jek wat kat ctu
arrive 8 30 before 9 30 dh siap dh
bagus tol..sbb x rmi org wat kt tu
then gi lepak2 kat jusco taman u
chit chat gossip2..hehe
pastu g town jb cr bju joho concept
tutop lak kdai..
i fall in love with the design
then lepak angsana lak
jap at gloria jeans..
pastu then blek umah 3.15 pm

then bru nk golek2, kak ros kol
suh siap2 tman die gi cc
to settle the document about their internship
then anta tros to the comp
suddenly hr tu ask me about my placement
then she said yg she need one student
to do their internship..
so mcm interested jek then i called
pn malinda, sbb dh submit blue form ley tkr lg ke..
die kate ptotnye x bley
but sbb de alasan yg munasabah
she give the permission to change
but ari rabu bru die ade kat office

hopefully everything will be settle soon
and hope to get the reply from the comp soon
kot2 die terlupe kn..
hancuss jek harapann..

wish me luckk

then after dh gi comp tu
lepak plak mkn2 kat jusco
searching for sum1
but die xde plak
its ok..
then balek tros gi singapore plak mlm smlm
lepak ngn my aunt..wah lepak kn
ayat x bley bla
sje dtg umah tgk tv and mkn2 with them..
relaxing before the world change..
allright..dh byk sgt membebel.

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