Thursday, April 7, 2011


syukur alhamdulliah
result sem ni dh kuar
and sy sangat berpuas hati
at last, i get what i want
dh lme menunggu saat2 ni..
and alhamdulillah
i get it...
walaupun x la setinggi mne..
tp dh dean list
alhamdulillah syukur sgt..

i would like to thanks to my parents and family

this is for you mom...
kan adik dh janji nk work hard to get this...
alhamdulillah sem ni my dreams come true
kalo mak masih ade..mesti kite dh gi mkn sme2 kn
celebrate... tp xpe la..i will always pray for you...

and thanks to abah n my bro
for the support and also to my big2 family
terima kseh atas syg anda sme...
kepada kamoo sme la tempat sy bergantung n bermanje..chewahh

last but not all bhrm student and uniselian
thank u so much..
and congrats to others..
we deserve it...
to all the lecturers..
we owe u everything..thank u so much

hopefully this result will be a stepping stone for me
to work harder in industrial training
and hope for the best in future...


Nadia Jamaludin said...

alhamdulilah babe..tahniahhh!!! ur family must be soo proud of u (^^)

Adiba zehan said...

thanx last akhirnye ak dpt gak..even taklah hebat mcm ko kn..but at least there is miracle happen dlm sem yg tough ni..