Friday, May 25, 2012

scared to drive a!!!

hye everybody,
I am 23 and never have driven a car seriously
I am really having a panic attack everytime i am moving car
that's why i am always postponing my driving lessons.
and now i feel that i am going to die of fear, 
I'm going to learn driving but still now it still in  dissatisfied condition

seriously i need to pass  jpj and get my driving license soon
so that its easy for me to drive car alone without relying to 
my dad to fetch me everywhere i go
and depend to my friend to fetch me and send me back every time we hang out

ya allah.. hope everything is getting better..
i challenge my self to get a license as a gift for my bday this year


Na said...

Good luck~ :D
Been there done that. Takut gila kannn. Tapi alhamdulillah lepas plak jpj dulu. Tapi lepas dapat lesen tu 3 tahun x berani pegang kereta. T^T Sekarang ni bila terdesak baru beranikan diri. Anyways, xde pape lah. Practice makes perfect! ^^

itisrajah said...

dib! jangan takut bila drive. hehe. aku dapat lesen mse 3rd time dgn jpj. fuh! hampir mengalah sebenarnya. dari pengalaman aku, ape yang terbaik adalah, practice secara HARAMMMM. hehe. insyaAllah, kau akan berjaya. good luck!!!

Adiba zehan said...

hahh tu la next week ak kene gak amek..u know what lesen l ak tu dh msuk due thun dh bulan 12 ni last..ak still tkot nk g drving class and get a license