Monday, February 6, 2012

Am I in Love?

Wanna share you something??

10 Signs You're In Love

♥You've forgotten your ex

Ever since I met u,
the thought of the past memories with my ex
is the furthest thing from my mind.

♥ You can't stop thinking about him
Instead,I am consumed by thoughts of him .
He just pops into your head
for no apparent reason, and I
wonder if he thinks of me half as much as I think of him.

♥You’re in love if you care more about their
safety and happiness than you do about your own.

When you're in love with sum1, you want to know all about him:
who he is, what he thinks, what makes him laugh. You truly care about him and his feelings.

♥You have great chemistry
You can't be in love with someone that you have no chemistry with.

♥ you’re actually interested in knowing more about them.

You can forget about the days when you went home from a date remembering absolutely nothing about the interests, career and dreams of the person you went out with.

♥You don't notice other men as much

♥You love spending time with him

You look forward to seeing him, and don't care much about what the two of you will be doing.
Furthermore, when you're not together, you miss him and wish he was here.

♥You don't mind compromising sometimes

♥Other priorities take a backseat

♥You start thinking about the future and he's in it

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