Monday, January 16, 2012

Two weeks MC

i just went back from clinic
and receive MC for one more week
so two weeks mc for chicken pox
doc said that i'm still weak to perform my job
and afraid that virus might affect others ..
and I would like to thanx to my supervisors and colleague
for their concern..
sorry for the inconvenience

and now i should take a good rest..
no need to worry bout work....
ample time to rest and fit again for work
and get back to track

doc advice me to get enough rest
and release stress
sometimes stress will affect your immune system
and cause illness
:> doc ni cam tau2 jek ak stress
rasenye stress ni plg teruk smp
mcm2 penyakit keluar..
ingat study tu stress
kerje sbnarnye 100x lg stress okayy...

memandangkan cuti lame, otak ak ni duk pikir
cam nak turun kl dan berjimba with my kazen
ermmm mcm idea yg bijak tu kn...

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