Sunday, February 27, 2011

Jumping High Photo contest

I would like to join this contest
cam best jek..n unique..
so here it goes

This picture was taken last two years
mase on the way back from sentosa singapore
this picture was taken at area marina bay ni..
view die cntek sgt kat cni..
so sy pertaruhkan picture ni ok..

sy tag

nadia jamaludin
jue aida


Tyratyra said...

tengs sebab join :)
goodluck yaa !

cik tie@ibtisam said...

jom join contest cik tie plak..

adeqsakura54 a.k.a jUhAiDa said...

ooowwhh sy ditag? hehe btw thx.. but.. ak x pena ade pic yg berterbangan huuwaa cm mane? hihi