Sunday, February 21, 2010


almost 11 days spending time at home with my parents, my naughty buchuk cat, and hanging around jb with my friends make me feel reluctant to go back home to estet batang berjuntai..huhuhu

shopping sakan with kak ros and kak dyah...huhu

with my SIGS gurls... miss ya gurls

shopping, eating , and hanging out with my ladies was the thing that i have done this holiday. so much time and money i spent..hhehehhe and thats more shopping after this...time to focus and study..

there are so many things coming up after this wonderful holiday, 2 test will be held on wednesday and one on friday which is another holiday actually, emm and a tons of assignment+ interview+ report+ and presentation waiting up to be done..huhu so i should prepare my self from being depressed and freak out..

so before i go back.i have to assure myself to fulfill my appetite with all the food that i cant get there..and to enjoy myself to the fullest..huhu

so unisel, here i come..going back with new spirit to survive..

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